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    鸿运彩票新版 From AMP Consultants

    A brief overview of the services delivered by AMP Consultants


    Design of Steel Structures: Cold Formed Steel Framing

    Features of Cold Formed Steel Framing

    • Affordable Housing
    • Modular Construction
    • Offsite Fabrication
    • Light steel framing systems use galvanized cold formed steel sections as the primary structural components, which can be assembled as prefabricated panels.
    • Light steel framing offers an alternative approach for the construction of many types of building from domestic to medium rise buildings.
    • Residential light steel framing utilises cold-formed steel members for walls, floors, and/or roofs. The framing members are C-sections with standard dimensions similar to wood framing studs. Steel framing can be a cost effective alternative to wood framing.

    Advantages of Using Cold Formed Steel Framing During Construction

    • It is easily assembled into a wide range of structural and architectural forms
    • Prefabricated components
    • Fast speed in construction leading to savings in site preliminaries and an early return of capital
    • Modifications can be made on site
    • Can be fire protected easily
    • Site checks are minimised
    • Largely unaffected by site conditions
    • Standard connection details are readily available
    • Efficient use of materials leads to a competitive construction and to savings in material costs

    Advantages of Using Cold Formed Steel Framing After Construction

    • Can be dismantled and re-used if required
    • No change in material properties over the life of the structure
    • Easy visual inspection and maintenance
    • Good acoustic insulation
    • Longer spans can be achieved than with timber
    • Stiff structure with good serviceability performance


    design of steel structures example 1

    Design of Steel Structures - In Brief

    • Low cost and modular solutions
    • Prefabrication easier
    • Light frame easier for domestic builds
    • Re-useable - environmentally friendly
    • More flexible than timber (e.g. longer spans)
    • Speeds up assembly/construction
    • Efficient material use cuts costs